Monday, February 8, 2010

Mission Training International!

We are thrilled to have made it safely to Mission Training International in beautiful Palmer Lake, CO!!!  (

We had orientation today to meet each other, and to learn more about the facilities and the program.  The first two weeks of our time here will be spent in a program called "PILAT" (Program In Language Acquisition Training).  The last three weeks of the program is called "SPLICE" and focuses more on adapting to and living in a new culture.  We are extremely intrigued to find out exactly what these programs entail.  We have heard that in PILAT we will be learning about phonetics and linguistics, and we've heard a lot about "drills" . . . Sounds intense :-).

There are 43 other participants from a variety of backgrounds who have plans to go to countries all over the world: India, China, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Kyrgyszstan, Honduras, Turkey, Thailand, Uganda, and Ecuador of course!  Some participants have been in the field for 10 or more years and some are brand new missionaries like us.  We are amazed and humbled by the strength and faith of the couples here with their children - even children less than a year old.  God calls and you must go!

Josh and I are very excited about the extra-curricular activities as well - this part of Colorado is really beautiful.  We've already seen some snow and we hope for some more.  If we have time, we'd like to ski, hike, horseback ride, and explore the area as much as possible while we're here.  What an adventure!  I'm sure I will have much more to share tomorrow after our first day of classes.

Love and God Bless

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