Sunday, August 22, 2010

We have finished our first trimester at ILE and we are experiencing a small sense of accomplishment having passed the half-way mark. In our day-to-day life however, we encounter the reality that there is a lot left to learn! Reaching this point has also meant saying some goodbyes which is always difficult to do. It is easy to build very strong bonds very quickly here and it is a hard fact that we might not see these friends again on the earth as we know it. What a blessing to be a Christian and to have the promise that we will see each other again on the new earth!

The end of the trimester has also brought some things to be excited about! My parents, my sister and my brother came to visit for a few days and I cannot express how wonderful it was to see them. We also had the joy of introducing them to our TIca family and sharing a meal together. There was so much love in that room - it was unbelievable! They enjoyed seeing a little bit of Costa Rica and learning about what our lives have been like the last few months. Now when we Skype they have a better idea of what we're talking about.

The same day that my parents left our "little brother" family arrived and for the past few days we have been helping them get settled. It was a huge prayer answered that the repairs to the house were finished on the day that we told them it would be and they are all moved in! They have four adorable kids and it seems like everyone is adjusting very well to this new environment. We have taken them shopping, shown them around the area, and today we went to the outdoor market to buy fruits and veggies. It has been really fun to use the knowledge that we have gained to help out someone else. I definitely remember what it's like your first few days and if Josh and I can make it a little bit easier for them, that's great!

We are feeling a little bit of apprehension about our new classes because we know they will be more challenging than last trimester, but we are excited to get back into our routine after a little break. Thank you again for all of your prayers and love!

Love and God Bless,

Steph and Josh

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