Monday, October 3, 2011

"I will level the mountains"

That's what the Lord was saying to me over and over in the weeks leading up to the September project. "I will go before you and will level the mountains. I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron." Isaiah 45:2. There were so many little stresses surrounding this project that I put up all my defenses and would not trust God to take care of it. But boy did he. Why would I ever doubt his goodness??

The team arrived on September 17th and although there were some delayed flights, everyone got to Ecuador safely. Josh and I led the surgical team which consisted of about 20 people. On Monday, we focused all of our efforts on doing consults and scheduling surgeries for the rest of the two weeks. Even spending all that time on consults, we still did 7 surgeries Monday afternoon! In two weeks the surgical team did 52 minor surgeries and 82 major surgeries in general surgery, plastic surgery, and orthopedic surgery. Susana Logacho and the medical team were very busy as well and were able to see a total of 2,921 patients in two weeks. Looking at the number of patients who came for medical care, consults and surgeries it is clear that there is definitely need in this area and we will be investigating it further as a site for the new permanent center.

The team was unbelievable and brought a TON of supplies as well as great attitudes and ALL of their flexibility :). Everyone was ready to work and anxious to help wherever they were needed. I was ecstatic to see my parents and all our friends from Wilmington - we had a blast working together! We were also blessed to have a great working relationship with the hospital staff, and the local church was 100% involved in providing transportation, integrated health, chaplain services, food, and encouragement. God provided abundantly in every way and deserves ALL the praise!!

Now that the project is over, we will turn our sights to the current MMI permanent center in Milagro. Today is our last full day in Quito and tomorrow we make the long drive south. It will be really difficult to say goodbye to our friends here in the north (not to mention this unbelievable weather), but we are excited to serve in Milagro and try to help the current center grow and develop to be able to serve more people.

We are so grateful to you all for your prayers for us and for this project. We hope that God was glorified in the work that was done in Sangolquí, and that more people were introduced to his love because of the project.

Love and God Bless,

Stephanie and Josh

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