Sunday, September 9, 2012

We hope everyone is enjoying some cooler temperatures as fall approaches!  Josh and I won't get to enjoy any changing leaves or apple cider, but we have been excited to catch the occasional NFL game in the past week on ESPN Vivo!  We are counting down the days until Noah enters the world and doing everything we can to prepare emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Praise to the Lord, I have been feeling very well and getting stronger since the kidney stone incident.  We appreciate your prayers for our family and we ask for continued prayers as the due date approaches!

We would also like to report on a fantastic MMI one-week project that we had in August.  A small team of 11 participants and 2 translators came to the permanent center in Milagro and performed 8 total knee replacement surgeries and completed over 100 physical therapy consults!  The week started off a little later than expected because the donated prosthetic knees were unavoidably held up in customs, but this group's flexibility, trust in the Lord, and joy in the midst of difficulty were a real inspiration to Josh and I.  Some incredible bonding occurred between the Milagro hospital staff and the North American participants despite the language barrier and, God-willing, they are excited to repeat the trip in 2013.  We had far more potential patients than we had space for surgeries, so the team will definitely be busy if they are able to come back!  We cannot express clearly enough our gratitude to all of the members of the team and all of the people that made this project happen.  It was a humbling experience and we were blessed to have been involved.

Josh is still hard at work every day at the permanent center and is making strides forward in many areas.  We have a new student from Haiti in our Ophthalmic Tech program and we are looking for a second student to join him as he starts classes in a couple of weeks.  The internal audit of the hospital has been completed and shows that while we have areas in which we can improve, the hospital has been keeping accurate books for the past three years and is in line legally.  Josh is also mentoring one of our employees who has serious potential for management in the future and we are excited about the possibilities for him within the hospital.  The Lord continues to open doors and we are excited to be a part of serving those in need here in Milagro.

We promise to keep you all informed as the due date draws nearer, and we will post pictures of our new little one as soon as we can!  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Love and God bless,

Stephanie and Josh

Rachel and I

The team at work in the OR

Jennifer providing physical therapy post-surgery

The North-American participants and the Milagro Permanent Center Staff 

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